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Air System Complete

May 6th, 2011
Hose Reel Mounted

The hose reel with the 50′ of rubber air hose had a mounting plate that did not exactly work on a stud wall. I thought through all the solutions and ultimately came up with the above.

One of my partners on my Spam Can has a machinist father-in-law with a great set of machinists tools. He had some 1.5″ tubular steel scraps laying around so he cut 2 lengths 18″ long and then drilled the ends with 1/4″ holes to accept 4″ lag screws at 16″ on center for the studs.

For the reel mounting plate, we tapped the 3/16″ thick walls for to accept the requisite 1/2″ bolts the reel needed. I then prepped, primed, and sprayed them to match the reel brackets. Turned out great.

Now I have a hose that can reach any area of the shop and then some.

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