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Craftsman Auto Hammer Modification

May 5th, 2011

Craftsman Auto Hammer

While browsing the ever vast treasure trove of knowledge over at VAF, I came across a discussion about how good the $100 Craftsman Auto Hammer would be as a rivet gun. It hits hard and is a very good size for getting into tighter places than the traditional pneumatic rivet guns used in RV projects. The conclusion was that with a minor tweaking, and the fabrication of a rivet set holder, it would be great.

One of the other owners of my Spam Can Beech has a father-in-law who is a brilliant and very skilled machinist. We have become friends over the years and have been unofficially adopted by his wife into the family.

As the thread evolved over at VAF, some particulars of the modification needed were shared and dimensions listed. So I took the information over to my machinist friend and in 10 minutes, he took a hardened bolt and made me this;

Modification with AD4 Rivet Set installed

Basically, the modification attaches to the hammer head (nose) of the auto hammer tool with the set screws and the set inserts into the nose of the modification. Now you can bang at the head of the rivets with very good control and you can also switch out to different sets for different rivet sizes.

Here is the modification without the set installed

I geeked out some as he was turning this bolt into my modification with such skill, speed, and precision. Needless to say, I am glad I have a machinist “in the family!”

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