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Forward Horizontal Stabilizer Spars in Works

May 6th, 2011

Fore Spar Stiffeners Marked for Trimming

Here are the fore horizontal stabilizer stiffeners marked and ready for trimming. I learned that the last holes on the ends are right at the required edge distance. DO NOT take any material other than the milling marks off the ends when radiusing. If you do, you may not make your edge distance specs.

Trimmed and Polished and Ready to be Bent

I completed the trims and then had to make the 6° bends to the tails for the fore spars to make the tapered shape.

The 6° "Bends" Completed

I also completed the bend relief holes in the fore spars and the corresponding 6° bends in them to match the stiffeners. Next is the dimpling of the spars and the countersinking of the stiffeners for the four inner rivet holes.

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