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Countersunk Cap Flanges, Plumbing Work

October 20th, 2012

Countersunk Cap Flanges

Spent yesterday at my Grandmothers funeral. She truly was a great lady in life. Family was still in town, but had not arrived at the house yet so I snuck out to the shop to see what could be done.

I was able to countersink the flanges of the fuel caps to accept the skin dimples. If you look at the full size photo (just click it) you can see the varying thickness of the flange that I mentioned in the last log entry. This was pretty painless. I love having a countersink cage for each size. I can set and forget for a certain setting. These are now ready for sealing and installation onto the tanks.

Drilled the Left Tanks Capacitive and Vent Penetrations

Next I was able to locate the vent and capacitive sender connection locations on the Left Tank. I still need to figure out where I want to put the vapor return line for the possible EFI setup. The washer you see in this picture is likely the location I will use. I also thought about putting it where the mark is on the rib inside the stiffening circle you see there. I do not know…but will decide in the next few days.

That was all that I had time for, so I closed up shop for the weekend.

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