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Inboard Rib Plumbing Penetrations Done

October 22nd, 2012

Inside the Inboard Tank Ribs

After giving some (OK, too much) thought to where I wanted to run the vapor return fitting, I finally settled on the upper part of the forward stamped stiffening ring. I opted for simplicity, so I also drilled a hole in each interior tank rib in the same location as the bulkhead fitting. This way the return fuel will dump into the most outboard tank bay and get cooled down by the rest of the fuel before being picked up again. Additionally, the return line will simply be a straight piece of tubing through the tank.

The holes were all 7/16ths for the vent and vapor return lines. The BNC hole for the capacitive senders are 3/8ths.

Outside the Inboard Tank Ribs

At this point I am ready to deburr all the rib holes, skin holes, dimple, scuff, and generally get ready to break out the sealant and get to final assembly of the tanks. Here you can see the penetrations from the exterior of the tank.

After getting this prep done, I cleaned up the shop and basically got things in order. It may be a couple of days until the next build session. Hopefully I will be done sealing tanks by Thanksgiving.

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