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Drilled Fuel Caps

October 18th, 2012

Drilled the Fuel Cap Flanges

This week has been a little hectic as my Grandmother passed away last Friday. With all the ramping up to the funeral and family coming into town, time is short. I was able to get out to the shop and at least get the fuel cap flanges clamped into place and drilled. As you can see, I am using the “deluxe” locking caps. I have heard, and experienced, the stock caps. They are tough to open. These however are very nice and smooth in operation. I think they look nicer too.

The stock cap flanges are bent to match the curvature of the tank skin. These deluxe caps are machined to the curvature. The difference in the build is that you have to use all different length rivets on the deluxe where the same rivet length is used on the stock.

I centered the cap in the hole, clamped it in place and drilled each rivet hole. As I drilled one, I clecoed it, then went 180° and drilled that and clecoed. I followed a star pattern like you would when installing lug nuts on a wheel. Once complete, I checked the alignment again. Not that I could do anything about it, but for sanity sake. The look good to me. That was all I could get done for the day.

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