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HS Ready for Primer

May 18th, 2011
Parts Prepped and Ready

After work, I was able to get started on deburring the HS skin rivet holes.  First I removed the vinyl coating completely from the inside of the skins and then only over the rivet lines on the outside. Lots of debate on the right thing to do, but I chose to retain it as we are in a dry climate and I want to protect it as much as possible until paint. As for the holes, basically I took a 3/16″ bit and spun it in my fingers in each hole. It knocked the burrs right off and it does not take to much material with it. There has been a large amount of discussion as to what is and is not too much deburring. I was pleased with the outcome and feel it is just right.

After getting the left skin done, it was time for my two boys pack meeting. They are progressing well in Cub Scouts and Webelos. Their shirts look like hard working cubs…completely covered in patches.

Once pack meeting was over, and the three kids were tucked in bed, it was time to see what else I could get done. I got the right skin deburred, then deburred the edges of both skins to a non finger slicing smoothness. I had not completed the setup of my DRDT-2 Dimpler to date. I needed to bolt it down and wrap the support table with some scrap carpet. No time like now, so I knocked it out. Check out the RV Factory/Shop topic for more.

Once that was complete, I got to dimpling my skins. The DRDT-2 make single pilot dimpling a breeze. I did have to take a couple of breaks in between each half to let the arm recover from the plunger lever. All in all, this thing makes great, consistent dimples.

I did read a bunch on preload on the DRDT-2. I simply set the plunger to 0″ clearance on the dies, then made one more turn on the plunger and then tested on some scrap .032″ Vans pleasantly supplies in the kits. Simply perfect dimples.

Once all the dimples were complete, I scuffed the inside of the skins and made sure all the parts were ready for primer. I hope to prime tomorrow and then let it sit over the weekend while we do some family/CAP business.

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