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May 2nd, 2011

Custom Standoff

I have been planning on buying a larger compressor for the build for some time. I saved up and the time arrived. I got the Husky 60 Oil lubricated upright 240V.I wired a 240V 20A circuit in the shop just for this purpose and it runs it great.

One of the things that needed to happen before I could use the new compressor was the installation and mounting of the filter and regulators.

I chose the Kobalt versions over the Husky versions because the Kobalt has an auto drain in the filter. Does not hurt that it is patriotic looking next to the compressor 🙂

Unfortunately, neither the filter or the regulator came with provisions for wall mounting. So, I sat there and conjured in my head a design I was sure would work. Turns out, I was right. I basically took a 1″x3″X5′ piece of Red Oak from Home Depot aviation supply, and made 3 standoffs. I drilled each undersized to the pie holding all the components together, then rounded them, routered the edges with a 1/4″ round-over bit. and then sanded the holes to a snug slip fit. Once they were fit, I drilled and countersunk holes for screws on either side of the hole for the pipe. Then I simply cut the part right down the middle of the mounting hole. The width of the band saw blade being removed made a perfect clamp when the parts are screwed back together. Works and looks great.

I also have a 50′ hose reel that will be mounted below this assembly that will keep the hose tidy.

A few other builders suggested a couple of enhancements to this setup that I will implement tonight and update.

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