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One Step Closer

February 11th, 2012

As far as the parts could go

Saturday came and it was a nice day to boot. I got some honey do’s done and then headed to the shop. Since prepping all the parts aside from the trim spar for primer, I knocked out spraying them. While the primer was drying, I took the time to remove the blue vinyl from the rivet lines on the skin, deburr it, and dimple all the holes except where the trim spar goes to be able to match drill it when it arrives.

I then scuffed the skin for primer but the temp fell to far to shoot it. So I looked at the assembly instructions for the skeleton and determined I could start riveting the parts together without causing any trouble to getting the new E-606PP spar taken care of.

The above shot is at the end of the building session. I was able to get the skeleton mostly complete. I love how it all lines up. You can also see my wire exit hole near the hole for the trim servo jack screw.

Everything went straight forward as it could have. I love having the right tools for the job. If you have not purchased a longeron yoke for your squeezer…do it now! As for now, I am as far as the parts can take me on the elevator.

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