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Trim Servo Done

November 1st, 2011

It Clears...Just

I decided to install the servo Z brackets with NAS1097 rivets in the last 2 aft holes. This allowed me to countersink the holes rather than dimple and still get good clearance of the servo when installed. It is tight, but clears. 0.032″ skins are just enough for AD3’s. I was careful to not over countersink but it was close.

Right where it Should Be

As mentioned in the prior log entry, the location of the servo per the plans is not right. As you can see here, I located it where it does belong and the jack shaft of the servo lines right up where it belongs. I do not like that they want you to have the wires exit in the same hole so I may open up a 3/8″ hole just above (below in this picture) the jack shaft hole, to route the wires for the servo through to avoid any interference.

Fits as it Should

Trim cover plate installed. You can see the arm of the servo is right in the middle of the slot and ready for the tab. Looks good to me. Now I have to take it out and start match drilling the skins to the skeleton and prep for the trim tab assembly. The other item I need to think about is how to hookup and where to route the trim servo wiring. I have a few ideas…we’ll see how it ends up down the road.

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