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Lot of Scuffing, Nearly Ready for Primer

August 22nd, 2011

Lot of Work, Few Pictures

After the crazy productive days in the shop last week, it was time to get the Rudder parts ready for primer. I am still torn about priming the inside of the pristine skins. I have primed where parts interface already and maybe I will simply prime the areas where the spar and the ribs may attach to and then mist the rest. I need to keep the area where the trailing edge AEX free of primer so that the ProSeal will stick.

Other than that, I spent some really good time on all the other parts, deburring, dimpling, smoothing, and edge dressing. All that is left is the AEX for the trailing edge and the rudder horn. The rest is ready to be shot with primer and put back together again.

I hope to have a completed Rudder by the end of the week. We’ll see!

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