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Left Wing Skin Scarfed, Dimpled, Test Hung

June 15th, 2016

Left top outer skin dimpled

After the excellent build day last Saturday, I wanted to continue the pace. So today I set out to prep the top skins as much as I could. I deburred the already match drilled holes and then grabbed my daughter to assist holding the large skins while I hit each with the dimple dies. She actually said she enjoyed helping and talking (and talking 😉 ).

Left top inner skin dimpled

We repeated the process on the inboard top skin. I could really feel the difference in the skins due to the thickness.

Left top scarf joint

Since it was a weeknight, time was short, so I ended with completing the scarf joint where the leading edges of the skins overlap. I’ve heard where some got after this too aggressively and had to replace skins. Mine may keep my finished airplane from being an award winner, but the overlap looked pretty good with the tank on, providing a pretty good flush transition, so I called it good. I then finished the last few dimples (as I didn’t dimple the overlap at the corners until the scarf was done). At this point, the skins can be primed and riveted on.

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