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Left Leading Edge Parts Primed and Riveting Begins

June 9th, 2016

Platenut locations for leading edge light kit

After calling it a late night yesterday, I went into the shop and realized I had forgotten to prep the outboard ribs for the platenuts needed to do the Duckworks light kit I planned to install. I made quick work of making up my template for hole locations and went to marking, drilling, and dimpling the holes as needed. Once complete, I primed all the ribs and skin.

Stall warning access doubler riveted

After letting the primer dry enough, I set out to rivet in the doubler for the stall warner to the skin. Easy job with the pneumatic squeezer.

Stall warning access hatch complete

Figured I’d just install the plate too.

Left leading edge primed and ready for riveting

Time was running short for the night, so I quickly assembled and cleco’d all the ribs and skin together in the cradle. It’s now ready to rivet. It’s fun to see all the parts come together for the last time. It’s even more fun to remove clecos knowing you’ll never be putting one back in those holes again.

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