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Wings in Stands! Happy Labor Day!

September 3rd, 2012

Stand Anchored and Wings Hanging

Happy Labor Day! I love working in banking as I get a free week of extra vacation with all the Federal Holidays. I started the day by taking care of the lawn. That took most of the morning. I have to stay on top of the “Honey Do’s” and my son that usually mows the lawn spent the night with his cousin up north and likely would be gone all day. Once the lawn was looking better than the local golf courses ;-), I headed out to the shop.

Big day in the RV Factory. I finished prepping the stands and made the hard choice to just drill my floor and anchor the stands. Once the first hole was drilled, the rest seemed easier to do. I drilled the holes in the corners of the base plates, drilled the floor, dropped in and set the anchors, then bolted the stands down. Once secured, I set the skeletons on the stands. I think I made the right choice, the stands are VERY stiff and secure. These should make for very straight wings.

I set the stands in the middle of the shop and about three feet apart. I figure this should give me plenty of room to get around and between the wings as I work on them. Times like these make me glad I built my shop with good depth.

It was time for dinner so I needed to head off to the grill to burn some patties. Once dinner was complete, I set out to make the center support blocks to take the sag out of the wing structures. They are simply some 2″ x 4″ blocks with some all thread and nuts/washers that can be “micro” adjusted like the stands themselves. All in all, a good day! Now I can start the skin work.

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