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Main Ribs Ready for Primer

August 29th, 2012

Scuffed and Clean, Ready for Primer

I was able to get some work in the shop tonight. I spent the time scuffing the ribs in prep for primer. I hope to shoot the paint on them soon so I can assemble them with the spars over the holiday weekend. Again, the shop computer turns out to be a good asset as the 3rd season of 24 was playing in the background to keep me from focusing on the repetitive nature of the task. Some may wonder how that works, but I do not actually watch the show, I simply listen. Some like music, I like shows. To each his own.

I went through a lot of scotchbrite pads. Then again, there are a lot of ribs, so it makes sense.

Once the scuffing was complete, I wiped each with MEK to clean them. I will hit them once more with MEK before priming them just to make sure I got them all clean.

My body is sore, but the prospect of assembly in the near future is exciting!

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