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Center Console Built…uh…

January 26th, 2012

Center Console Kit!

A while ago, a little note was posted on Vansairforce.net about the vendor that designed and made a kit for making a decent center console for the RV side by sides. I have always liked the idea and was a little concerned that I would perhaps miss my chance to get one of these nice looking kits.

Turns out that a quick email to the designer asking if he had some residual stock yielded a chance for me to grab one that he still had on the shelf. I know I am a long way away from the fuselage, but I did not want to miss my chance, so I ordered the kit.

What you get is a nicely laser cut kit that goes together much like any kit from Vans. I was inventorying the parts when I just got a wild hare and started throwing it together. By the end of 2 hours, I had all the bends done and was able to get what you see above done.

I actually spent the next few days knocking it out and it is now complete and set aside waiting for a fuselage to be installed in. I like the design and the ease of getting it in an out if needed. Time will tell if I end up using it, but for now…I like it.

Ready for Upholstry

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