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Left Elevator Begins

October 29th, 2011

Ready to be Match Drilled

With the right elevator now closed up, the manual has you move on to the left (or harder) elevator. They note that it is a little harder because of the complexity of the added trim tab that is part of this assembly. I still had some time after finishing up the right closure so I grabbed the parts for the left and began to  assemble. I began with the spar, added the reinforcement plates and plate nuts. Worked on the outboard ribs and counterbalance drilling. Added the spar for the trim tab, the root rib, and the skin. It is amazing how quick it goes when you have done it before.

Back Side of Left Elevator

After about an hour, the left elevator parts were all clecoed and ready to match drill. I decided to call it a day. I will hopefully match drill this some time next week. I cannot believe I am almost done with the empennage major work. However, what is left is some of the harder parts to do right…so I am going to pace myself.

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