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Right Elevator Continues

October 22nd, 2011

No pictures today.

Since I mangled up the E-709 rib on Friday and then ordered one that night…I needed to get something done. So I disassembled the right elevator and got everything prepped for primer. I dimpled the spar and outboard ribs and the skin. I did not dimple the holes in the skin where the E-709 goes because I wanted to be able to match drill the new E-709 after it arrived.

It was a nice day, so I ended up getting everything primed by mid day. I took care of a few “Honey-Do’s” while the primer dried.

When the primer was dry, I assembled and riveted the E-702 and the E-610PP/E-611pp reinforcement plates and the corresponding plate nuts. I also riveted the E-703 and E-704 ribs together and then to the E-702 spar. At this point I would have riveted the e-709 root rib to the E-702 spar and then the WD-605-R-1 to the both of them, but…the prior post outlines why that was not happening.

At this point, I was at a standstill because I had no parts left to continue…or so I thought. There are two rivets on both the top and the bottom of the E-713 counter balance skin and the E-701-R skin that tie the two together that are not joined to any other parts. If you forget to get these and join the skins to the skeleton, you will not be able to get to them. I chose to do these now.

At the end of the day, I had a mostly completed skeleton and skins ready to go together. For grins, I clecoed them back together just so I could feel like I had done something. They are now ready to accept the new E-709 when it arrives and then I can close this elevator up.

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