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Pop and Build On!

September 19th, 2011

Pop and Go!

I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out just how builders are getting the last 2 rivets in the upper rib of the Rudder set. I just do not see how it can be done. Sure there are techniques, but I have tried a few with little success. These little buggers are simply too tight to get at. I was pleased I was able to get to most with a squeezer and bucking bar…but it was time to admit defeat and take the safer and just as adequate route. Above you can see my work for the day.

I simply took a 7/16ths bit and opened up the holes in the last two dimples of the upper rib. The MK-319-BS blind rivets that Van’s state can be used here went in with no issues and look OK from the outside. A little filler at paint or even a small amount of JB Weld in the mandrel hole and shaved off and you would never know the difference. The biggest plus is that it is simply done and I did not risk mangling up the rudder trying to buck rivet solids in. At 200 mph and 15000 MSL…you’ll never know I cheated! 🙂

Now all that is remaining is the leading and trailing edges. Hope to get them done in the next week.

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