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New Gate Installed

June 21st, 2011
From Shop

Now that the ramp area to the shop has been poured, we needed to fill the gaping hole in our fence so that the poor dog that was chained up could have her domain back. I had a local fence shop make me up a gate that I installed after work. It turned out OK. I also had to re-rig the man gate that was part of the old fence so that it would operate smoother. In the process, I lowered it a bit and it looks and works great now.

From the Street

Now when the time comes, we can get the plane out of the shop and to the airport with little trouble. Once we recover from the expense of getting this complete, we will eventually get a driveway to the street put in. The other advantage of the new drive is that when my kids start driving, they can park their inevitable eyesore of cars off the street and behind a gate. I can’t stand cars parked on the street. It does not look good and invites vandalism and theft. Overall, the gate operates very smoothly and looks good. It was painful to drill the hole in the slab for the drop bar…but it had to be done.

All Lined Up

Kiowa was thrilled this morning to be let out and run free again. She has not been able to explore the new drive and watched all the excitement from a chained up position. She was back to her happy self now that she has free roam of the land.

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