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No Plane, All House/Shop Work

June 17th, 2011
Runway Done 🙂

Was not able to get any work done on the plane this last 2 weeks. I had the concrete guys finishing the approach to the shop to the front corner of the house. I also had to fix the fence, set a new post, and get the area ready for a gate that is coming soon (I hope). I also had some CAP work to do in preparation for an all day training exercise. Cannot say I’d not rather be bucking rivets over the options, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes. The final pour was completed Monday this week. I got the fence put back together on Tuesday and called in to the city for my final inspection for Wednesday. Apparently “early morning” means something different to a city agency than to someone who works a corporate job. He finally arrived Wednesday near lunch time and quickly handed me the paper below. The inspection time is NOT accurate…I think that is when he left to come over and stopped off for a BIG GULP and a pastry and read the whole morning paper. 😉

Passed with No Squawks

What a relief to have that done. Now to get the gate in and fix the yard. I hope to get some plane assembly done in there too. Have to keep Mom happy! 🙂

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