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Another Big Day for the Shop

June 7th, 2011
Looking good there Travis!

The last thing the shop needs before I can get the final inspection is at minimum a 3′ x 3′ pad at the man entry door. I knew I wanted to have a nice transition from the patio to the shop and eventually I would need a driveway from the street to the shop…so I decided to to at least from the back corner of the house to the shop with a sidewalk to the man door. I had planned to have this complete a long time ago, but the weather made other plans. With the weather finally cooperating, my concrete guy showed up last Saturday and formed up the sidewalk and set my drain box and pipe. They showed up this morning to pour the pad to the back corner. When they were doing the work Saturday, I asked for a bid to get from the back corner of the house to the front corner. He came in much lower than I had expected, so I said….”let’s do it!” So after the pour today, they are going to form up and get ready for the rest of the drive to the front of the house on Friday.

That will leave from the front corner of the house to the street. I can also get my gate done and in. We will be waiting a little to do to the street to figure out exactly what we want to do, and save up some money as well.

The other bonus is that we can now set up the basket ball hoop that my parents gave the kids for Christmas. They cannot wait, and neither can my wife. Next we can get the sprinklers redone and get the backyard as good as new.

If you need a crete guy in the SLC area…these guys to GREAT work.

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