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HS404’s Notched

May 11th, 2011

HS404’s marked per plans

One of the next steps after getting the Fore HS Spar prepped is notching the inboard leading edge ribs for the HS notched to go around the stiffeners prepped in earlier steps.

Here you can see the full size detail on the plans and the ribs with the areas that need removing marked in red. I first drilled the corners with a #30 bit and then rough cut the edges close to the limits with my band saw. Then I cleaned up the edges of the cut with a fine file until they were blended with the holes in the corners.

Here is the result:

HS404’s after Notched Per Plans

They are spot on with the plans and ready to be drilled to the spar. The trick is…TAKE YOUR TIME and file as little as needed. I am learning patience in these early build steps. I think that will be the more valuable lesson as the build progresses.

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