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And…They’re Done!

June 4th, 2016
Right Done Done!

Right Done Done!

Had another GREAT day getting the last of the last of the sealant tasks for the tanks done. As you can see above, I sealed the right tank pickup and cover plate on. I opted to NOT use the cork gasket as many other builders have done. I also replaced the standard 8/32 x 1/” Phillips head screws with Stainless Allen cap screws and washers instead. IF I ever need to remove these covers while the tank is mounted to the air frame/wings, I can use a hex key rather than a screw driver. A provision that I hope to never have to use, but one that was cheap and easy to do, just in case.

That's All Folks!

That’s All Folks!

Here you can see both, side by side, fully sealed. I did make a good fillet around each screw head with sealant after dipping each screw in sealant before installing them. Just extra hopeful leak free insurance. I also did a little fillet around the BNC connectors for the capacitive fuel senders, also just in case.

Left Tank Cover Plate Done

Left Tank Cover Plate Done

Here is a close up. The sealant is about the nastiest stuff made to man…other than used baby diaper deposits. I plan to let these sit for a week, then I’ll┬ábe able to pressure/leak test. If all goes well, we may be able to claim success. I was able to get these done about mid-day…which meant I could now move on. I was able to do just that. Until the pressure/leak check, I’m moving back over to the Wings. Hears hoping…no more sealant for a LONG time!


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