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Good Day for Pilot/Builder

February 23rd, 2015
Commercial Knowledge Test Passed

Commercial Knowledge Test Passed

I am sure that some have seen that I haven’t been building much and are worried. Fear not, I am still going strong in other Aviation areas and will get back to the build very soon.

Based on some prodding by several pilot friends (one in particular), I have decided to pursue/complete my instrument rating and commercial certificate. Due to “CHEAP” access to a T182 RG, I am knocking out the commercial first, which I know is unusual, but as one that isn’t flying for a living, the instrument restrictions don’t bother me and I will take care of them soon enough anyway. I need to get it done now in case the access to the RG goes away.

I was able to knock out the last “big” commercial requirement the weekend of Presidents Day when I flew the bird home, at night, with my instructor, with enough time to get my Dual Night XC done. All that I have left is a little simulated instrument time and the maneuvers. I also completed my complex endorsement that weekend as well.

TODAY however, I took a big load of stress off, and PASSED my written for Commercial Pilot Airplane. I’ll let the report speak for itself. I am pretty pleased.

I did clean up the shop some this weekend, gearing up to get back at and finish the tanks soon. Onward and upward!

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