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November 11th, 2014
N216KW - Nice to have good friends with great planes.

N216KW – Nice to have good friends with great planes.

So, since I work in Banking, I had the “option” of working or not today. I looked out my window after waking a little later than I usually do and noticed that the sky was nice and clear. Knowing that the weather was going to deteriorate in the latter portion of the week, I decided on a whim to see if my fellow CAP pilot/Osh’12 companion/CFI/RV-6 owner extraordinaire was available for some more tail wheel/RV transition training. To my great excitement he said he was and was more than willing to let me buy the gas today. Kent is a heck of a guy.

So we decided I would meet him at KOGD in a few hours and go up for an hour or so in the pattern. I usually fly the Sundowner up there from U42, but unfortunately in the business of life, I let the Pitot Static Cert lapse. No worries, I have a car. So I ran a few errands and then met him at his hangar at 1030. We were airborne in about 30 more.

We stayed local, had some cross wind, and the pattern all to ourselves. It was a good day to fly/demonstrate landings. Flew for 1.2 and in the end had a working plane, nearly empty tanks, and a good smattering of various landings ranging from Good to Meh. 😉

I paid half the fuel bill and asked…”so, good enough for a signature?”


So, I am now officially endorsed to fly tail wheel/conventional landing gear aircraft as PIC!

TW endorsement…check!

Kent did ask if he and some other builders needed to effect an intervention on my build. 😉 Maybe, but today was sure a shot in the arm as far as motivation goes.

Good Veterans Day, with a great Veteran!

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