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While the Cat is Away…

June 17th, 2013
Parts Prepped and Ready for Sealant

Parts Prepped and Ready for Sealant

My wife and kiddo’s took off today for the week to play crew support for a scout hiking trip in southern Utah. She left VERY early. Since there was no way I was going to go back to sleep, I headed into the office. I figured I would get the work day knocked out and head to my empty home early. While the “get home early” never happened, I did get out to the shop for a bit.

I prepped the inboard rib penetration spots for sealant. I first scuffed all the locations where the vent and vapor return fittings, and fuel sender connectors would go. Then I cleaned up the spacers by deburring the edges and scuffed the faces.

Lastly, I cleaned up the Capacitance Fuel Probe BNC’s and wires to remove greases, finger slime, and other debris. Once that was done…I was ready for sealant. Not tonight however.


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