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Home Sick and Stir Crazy…Prep Parts Then

November 5th, 2012

Fabricated Vent Line Clips

I called in sick today…and trust me…I was. I have been on the decline for a few days with a cold and figured it was not a good idea to get everyone else sick at the office. However, I rarely can sit still for too long and by afternoon I figured I would see what little tasks I could knock out on the here’s and there’s of the tanks. I swear, I really was sick…ask my wife.

Next up on the to do list was to fabricate the small clips that get installed with the fuel filler flange that hold the outboard end of the vent line. They are simply made out of some scrap 0.025″ sheet laying around. I think they turned out OK.

Next I drilled the outboard T-410 reinforcement plates to the outboard tank ribs. The instructions say that three or four AD4 rivets are OK, but I opted to use 6 like the inboard T-410’s just to keep the nose of the ribs really flat.

I also cut the wire for the capacitive senders and attached the BNC connectors and the terminals per the directions. They seem really secure. I did solder the terminals as well.

Then I deburred and dimpled all the ribs for both tanks and scuffed the faying surfaces that will eventually get sealant. I did the same to the stiffeners.

Nearly ProSeal Time

By the end of the night, I was still feeling lousy, but was able to feel like the day was not a complete waste. I was left with the pile of parts above ready for assembly. At this point, it is ProSeal time. I think I will wait until feeling better to start working with that stuff.

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