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Twist Out, Skins Drilled

September 8th, 2012

Top Left Skins Drilled

The weekend has arrived and a mix of honey do’s and RV tasks awaited me. I had hung some plumb bobs off the left wing main spar at the inboard and outboard ends the night before. When I went out to the shop in the morning, they were not moving at all. It was time to anchor the rear spar to the newly finished anchor points I had fabricated. I was surprised to see that the distances were only about a 1/16″ off from each other. Not bad. I found an equidistant measurement and anchored each end of the rear spar to that point and checked the level of the main spar again. I then removed and reinstalled the top skins to relieve any pressures caused by the twist removal.

I then hung the plumb bobs on the right wing to repeat the process. Once hung, I headed out to take care of some honey do’s and let the bobs settle. Once done with my list of chores I returned and anchored the right wing.

I then set out to drill the wing skins on both wings. Not much to say other than there are a ton of holes in these wings. I started with the top, then the bottom of the left. I hit each with a #40 chucking reamer.

Bottom Left Skins Match Drilled

On the right wing, I started with the bottom and finished with the top. After that, my back was done for the night. I removed the bottom skins on both wings and set the skins aside. I cleaned up the shop and the chips from the wing structures and then called it a night.

Next up is the outboard leading edge assemblies. I need to make a cradle and debur the ribs a little more. Perhaps that will get done this week. I also realized that I needed more 3/32″ clecos. Those were ordered last week and hopefully will arrive soon.

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