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Mindless Deburring, then Some Fun Progress

August 22nd, 2012

Now the fun really begins!

I was able to get out to the shop tonight. I tackled more mindless deburring on the corners and small tabs of the main ribs. Thank goodness for the second season of 24 playing on Netflix on the shop computer to keep my mind from actually realizing the monotony. I think it took me nearly four hours. However, once I was done, I had a pile of ribs that could be assembled in concert with the spars and prepped for match drilling. I figured what the heck, why not cleco the ribs to the spars on at least one wing and then call it a night. So that is where I left the project as evidenced by the above photo. After all the deburring I have been doing, it was neat to finally see a structure.

I still have the same mindless deburring to do on the leading edge/fuel tank ribs, but I will save that for later to break up the boredom.

The “Lightening Hole” Shot

It seems that every builder log I see, there is a picture of all the lightening holes of a wing together. I figured why buck the trend. So here you have it folks! It actually is pretty cool to see.

I hope to have the match drilling complete on the spars and ribs done soon. Then it will be the endless prep for primer. It is starting to really look cool. I can’t wait to get these assemblies in the stands to start getting skins on them.

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