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Left Rear Spar Work Continues

May 17th, 2012

Left Spar Doubler Hole Matching Begins

Tonight task was to repeat the processes done on the right spar on the left. Here you can see the center doubler clamped in the vice and ready to sand out the hole for the aileron push rod to exit. Instead of filing this one, I simply used a course grit Dremel sanding drum to get close to the line. It went much faster, but really chewed up the drum fast. Once close to the line I mated it up with the spar and finished it off as I did with the right spar.

After Some Dremeling

Here it is after the sanding drum and ready to be attached to the spar. The one caution I offer with the Dremel is that it takes material faster than a file and may allow one to get carried away. I sanded a little too much out on the right side of this hole between the upper and lower radii. Nit too bad, but a little off.

Ready to Prime

Once the left doubler fork, and outboard spar doubler were match drilled and dimpled, I scuffed all the parts for priming. I also dimpled the skin attach holes on all the holes where the spar forks would make it difficult to get to later as well as where all the doublers were where dimpling would be hard due to the double thickness at these locations.

The rear spars are now ready for priming. I hope to do that tomorrow so I can rivet the parts together on Saturday.

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