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Right Leading Edge Riveted to Spar and Skins Test Fit

November 17th, 2016 No comments

Right top skins test fit

Now that the leading edge skin to spar rivets are done, I had a couple of hours to test fit the top skins after dimpling them.Everything fit as it should.

Right leading edge inner ribs cherry max riveted

Not having a helper to reach in and hold a bucking bar for the center two most ribs to the spar, I opted to use some Cherry Max (which is more than Van’s allows). Here they are popped in and primed over on one of the two inside ribs. I had the wrong length for the next rib in, so will have to do it once I get the right lengths. At this point, the next session (or more) should be riveting on the top skins.

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Right Leading Edge Riveted and Light Cutout Done

November 11th, 2016 No comments

Right leading edge riveted

Had the day off for Veterans Day, it was the day to knock out final riveting of the right wing leading edge. Nothing significantly different from the left.

Marking the leading edge light location

Duckworks light kit on this wing was just the same as the other.

Getting ready for a big cut

Hardest part was again convincing myself to take such a large chunk out of a new assembly.

Right leading edge riveted onto spar

Once done, rather than priming just the holes, I sprayed the spar flange instead. Then was able to place the finished assembly on the spar and went right at riveting it on final to the wing.

Right leading edge light kit done

Nice shot of the light kit lens in place just like the left wing.

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