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Tail Inventory Complete

April 21st, 2011 No comments

Opened the boxes in the tail crate. One of the first to do’s is to inventory all the parts to insure they are there. I was only short 1 AN960-10L washer. Fortunately I know of a source…all better now.

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Tail Crate Opened

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The Journey Begins

Kits were delivered on Tuesday but I have not had time to open any of the crates. So before work…heck, let’s open at least one.

I guess since I held off on getting the tail until the wings were ready, they simply put the standard boxes in another crate to protect it better. Bonus for me!!!

I hope to inventory the Tail tonight. I cannot believe I made it a whole day without touching these parts (neither can my wife).

Like Opening a Jack-in-the-Box

Amazing How They Ship the Skins

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